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91 BannerHill private Ottawa, Ontario K1V-0T4 (613) 247-1528



Career Objectives:

I am interested in working for your organization in either both Software or Hardware sections. I am a student at Carleton University, second year in the Systems and Computer Engineering program. I enclose my resume as a first step in exploring the possibilities of employment with your organization.

As a new experience with your organization, I would bring a focus on quality and ease of use to your system development, and gain experience as a priority so it can help me graduate with some experience to develop my skills, and help me through my education career. Furthermore, I work well with others.


Type of Work Sought:

- Volunteer Job.


Educational Information:

Student Number: 136422

Institution Name: Carleton University

Degree Type: Bachelors (includes Honours)

Area of Study: System and Computer Engineering.

Year of Graduation: 04:2000


Employability Skills:

Understanding, Planning, Self Learning, Adaptable, Organized, Self-motivated, Co-ordination, Listening, and Teamwork.


Computer Skills:


- Object Oriented Programming using C++ and Java.

- Familiar with Internet applications.


Internet Skills:

- HTML, editing and troubleshooting WebPages.

- WebPages editing using Java(TM), JavaScript.

- Very well familiar with internet applications, and troubleshooting technical problems.

- Created two WebPages:




Platform Knowledge:

- DOS - Windows 3.1

- Windows 95 - Unix -Windows NT

HardWare Skills:


Language Skills :

Speak English Fluent

Write English Fluent

Speak French Well

Write French Well

Other language(s) Arabic



Location Preferences:

-Ontario - Quebec



Work Experience:

Working with Webpages , internet software, and usual work and university experience